5 tips to max your digital menu

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5 tips to max your digital menu

A digital menu not only looks good but many offer lots of features that will help you increase sales, build your brand and wave goodbye the competition. We’ll take a look at a few features today that you should be using.

Choose a network digital menu board. This makes using the features much easier. You can update your digital menu content, prices and sort scheduling via wifi so you can use the restaurant wifi to make short work of updates.

Use signage display software. These are usually offered as a subscription package but if used correctly the return on the cost makes it worthwhile. At the very least the software will give you access to menu templates, images, content and styling that will ensure you menu board looks as good as any multi-chain competitor – in fact, you can use your knowledge to make localised content that will make sure you stand out from the competition.

Use the scrolling text message. Scrolling text will engage with your customers. Whether it is information about your QSR, or an RSS feed you’ll inform your customers as they order, pay or consume your food.

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Don’t forget the scheduling software.  With news that McDonald's recently launched new menu boards called, "Dynamic Yield menu boards." that allows customers to see "food based on the time of day, weather, current restaurant traffic, and trending menu item" shows the importance of scheduling. Whether offering menus based around time of day, the season, the temperature or just to reflect stock availability, scheduling will play a huge role in increasing sales.

Get synchronised. Where you use multi menu boards or digital display screens use synchronisation to create high impact ads that really get noticed.

Loads of features designed to help you easily make the most of your digital menu boards.

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