Partnering With The Future Forest Company to Reduce C02

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Partnering With The Future Forest Company to Reduce C02

We will plant a tree for every Claralight™ order.

We are working with The Future Forest Company to help them in their goal to reduce carbon dioxide, restore biodiversity and fight climate change.

Sustainability is at the heart of the Claralight™ range.

The Claralight™ LED lightpocket is made from over 60% recycled material (by nett weight) and there is a 40% power saving compared to a standard LED lightpocket. Plus the LEDs have a longer lifecycle too - that means the lightpockets will last longer too and that is even more good news for the environment as its reduces the need to manufacture replacement products.

We even pack the lightpockets in boxes made from recycled board. 

The Claralight™ freestanding frame has a base and frame manufactured from recycled acrylic.

Grow futures worth believing in

Anyone who has looked at The Future Forest Company website soon realises they have an uncompromising attitude to fighting climate change. Planting trees is just one of the many projects they undertake. Their mission is to plant enough trees to remove 1 million tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by 2030. They plant native, broadleaf trees on their UK sites to create thriving habitats for wildlife. 

Why we work with The Future Forest Company

There are many 'plant a tree' schemes available. The scheme organised by The Future Forest Company is not the least expensive but does offer a clear audit for us and our customers. With every order, our customer will receive e-certifcation of the tree planting and GPS co-ordinates to the location of the planting; in theory customers will be able to watch the tree grow from sapling to fully grown tree. We also welcome the fact that The Future Forest Company are planting in the UK, and of course we agree with the goals and love their enthusiasm to achieve them.


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