Claralight™ Range | Next Generation Display LED Display

Our innovative new Claralight™ LED display range is a major advance in property display. The range offers the most stylish choice and the most sustainable with no compromise on quality or display impact. The result of years of research and product development, the success of the range – currently comprising cable-mounted LED lightpockets and freestanding display stands - will ensure the continued manufacturing of LED lightpocket display in the UK for years to come.


We take our environmental impact very seriously. Our first goal when developing the Claralight™ range was to make it as sustainable as possible, and we have succeeded our own expectations.

Just look at the sustainable credentials of the Claralight™ LED lightpocket

  • Over 60% of the panel is made from recycled material (by net weight).
  • 40% power saving compared to a standard LED lightpocket.
  • Smaller, slimmer frame uses less raw material.
  • Switching to 24v not only saves power use but also increases LED lifecycle – even more hours of maintenance-free low-energy 24/7 LED display


But we mustn’t forget that display is about ‘the look’ – and the Claralight lightpocket is a real head turner. With its contemporary tablet-styling, gloss lenses and sleek build it really looks the part. Claralight is 40% lighter in weight than our standard panel, and slimmer too at just 14mm deep.

Thanks to another design innovation mounting the pocket to cable is easier than ever. We’ve incorporated four clips into the frame. To mount the pocket simply click the cable into each clip – and that’s it. The panel is lit up, and ready for you to add your graphic. And it almost as easy to change the pocket orientation from portrait to landscape (there a loads of helpful videos on our website) making Claralight a truly versatile and future proof display solution.


The Claralight™ freestanding display also combines sustainability with style – and for the first time offers the chance to include digital as part of your LED display.

After years of research and product development we have launched our most sustainable freestanding display. The LED lightpockets are manufactured using recycled material. The frame and back are manufactured from at least 80% recycled content. The Low Density Polyethelyne (LDPE) used to produce the core of the material is 100% recycled. The material is manufactured in the UK - further reducing the carbon footprint of manufacturing. 

LED lightpockets panels simply slot into the smart and sturdy frame. The panels can be swapped into a new position in the frame in seconds – it has never been easier to reconfigure your display.

The panel includes the option of adding 15” digital screens. Simply upload content to the screen & drop the screen in place in the frame, and that’s it - you’ll be showing engaging dynamic content in seconds!

Every panel is powered by unique magnetised connectors – there’s no chance of losing power through loose cables. You’ll only need one electrical supply to power the whole display – no specialist installation, no messy cables and complete freedom to place the display EXACTLY where it will have maximum impact. You can choose from 2, 4 or 6 panel frames.


What hasn’t changed in our new range is the exceptional build quality that has made us the sector’s #1 brand. All our products come with a 12month warranty and, of course, our team are always on hand to help with all aspects of your property display needs.

Please note All displays must be located a min 300mm behind window.


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