Opticians Displays – Adding A Digital Display

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Opticians Displays – Adding A Digital Display

Opticians displays can incorporate the latest digital display solutions to help them add sales and build brand.

We have written previously about the power of digital advertising to add sales and build brand. Trendspotters MarketWatch are predicting a huge increase in the sale of digital advertising screens, largely driven by retailers who value digital’s role in “attracting new business opportunities, increasing brand awareness, improving operating efficiency, catching the attention of passersby, promoting new products, and enhancing customer experience are the factors.” 

The effect can be even greater for opticians when included as part of window or interior opticians displays. In a sector where the latest technology and the importance of appearance are both equally important, digital screens add to the stylish look of the showroom & incorporate the latest tech for delivering engaging content.

With plenty of digital display screens to choose from we look at the best options for opticians.

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Adding Digital to Opticians Displays


Firstly, budget is always a consideration. Entry-level commercial grade digital display screens are very affordable and can be easily integrated into a current window or interior display. Packed full of features and with a 50,000hr lifespan it’s never been easier add digital to your display. Adding digital display is a boost for any business and Plug n Play technology means you can be up and running with brilliantly effective promotions and branding in minutes – and it is really easy to update content to keeping wowing your customers.

For a contemporary tablet-style look the Android advertising display screen is a good choice – and with built-in HD media player they require no additional hardware such as PCs, DVD players, excess cables or software, - simply load your media onto a USB stick then Plug n Play. The high quality commercial grade screen is designed for use 24/7 and its sleek tablet styling with striking aluminium surround and edge-to-edge glass looks brilliant in loads of locations.

For an optician’s window that receive direct sunlight, High Brightness and Ultra High Brightness digital display screens are designed to make sure your digital content can be viewed even in direct sunlight. They look stunning – but they are more costly than entry-level screens.

The latest innovative digital screen for opticians is the ultra smart ultra slim doubled sided advertising screen. Easily hung from the ceiling, these allow for high impact digital content to seen in the window & in the salon. Beautifully styled and designed to work in direct sunlight, these are a worthy addition to a design-led style-conscious salon display.

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