Retailers Use Digital Display Screens to Boost Sales, Build Brand

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Retailers Use Digital Display Screens to Boost Sales, Build Brand

With concerns over the decline of the UK High Street retailers are increasingly looking at ways to (re)-connect with their customers. Many retailers are working to create a distinct in-store experience — and digital display screens are a great way to help achieve this.

Digital display screens offer loads of options to help boost your business and build your brand: you can use throughout your store to show ads, videos, traditional store signage, or any other message you want to communicate to customers.

Digital signage and associated digital signage software opens up almost limitless possibilities for instore and in window displays.

68% of customers note that digital signage would make them more likely to buy advertised products. Forty-four percent even stated it would influence them to buy the advertised product instead of a product they already planned to purchase.

How Retailers Can Use Digital Display Screens

Digital display screens come in all shapes and sizes. From counter top or on-shelf digital displays, wall or ceiling mounted digital menu boards, android advertising displays, high brightness digital advertising boards (ideal for use in window displays) to floorstanding digital posters.

Which digital options you choose will depend upon many factors: store layout, budget and type of messaging you want to communicate with your customers.

Digital signs engage with your customers. You control every sign throughout your store in one place, so they’re always accurate and updated. Because they’re so easy to program and change, digital signs open the door to more timely and seasonal store displays.

When Nielsen tracked 120 grocers who use digital signage in their stores, they found that 80% of them saw as much as a 33% boost in sales (compared to using print signs.)

Digital Display Screens for Windows

A window display is an ideal way to use digital advertising screens. It will help you engage with passing foot fall, drawing customers in to the store with dynamic, interesting content about your brand and product ranges. Regularly updated content will help you keep passing trade constantly engaged.

Tell A Story

Digital signage’s appeal lies in its ability to tell stories about your brand dynamically. Brand makes you different from the competition. Brand means you are no longer competing on price for business – you’ve created an emotional connection with your customers and that will help retain them for the future. Use the power of digital marketing and the functionality of your display screen to tell your brands evolving story.

Bring Online Instore

The internet is a big challenge for traditional retailers but it can also be an opportunity. Instore digital advertising can link with your online marketing content – your Instagram images, Facebook posts and online reviews. Creating a continuous story across all your digital media will help strengthen your communications and create a vital sales boosting link between your customers online and instore activity.

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