Go paperless with Digital Menu Boards

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Go paperless with Digital Menu Boards

Isn’t it time you upgraded your communications? Digital menu boards help you not only ditch paper menu and dull static imagery but are a great way to build brand & boost sales.  

A digital menu board offers a much more dynamic way for restaurants, QSRs and food-to-go venues to promote their food. Food images look tastier and it’s easier to use the content software to cross-promote food items to increase average order value. Add in video and animated gifs to entertain as well as inform customers about the benefits of your food, your brand.

Paper-based menus and displays of static still images make updating costly as well as time-consuming. Updating prices requires either a reprint of all printed assets or overlaying old prices – that looks cheap and reflects badly on your food and brand. How much easier, cheaper and effective to update your digital display menu via the integral screen software, probably from the comfort of your mobile phone.

How much easier also to respond to changing conditions – promoting cool drinks and cold food during that unexpected hot spell, or lowering prices to deflate your competitors’ latest promotions?

Take the time to fully understand the potential to your business of any integrated features and functionality. In addition to customisable templates, features such as scheduling, multi screen synchronisation and scrolling text will also help you boost sales as well as generally make life easier.

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Target customers with Digital Menu Boards

Use digital signage software to configure your digital menus to change as needed — at certain times each day, on specific days of the week for daily specials, or for other timely promotions. And one change made using digital signage software can update the digital menus in all your restaurants — no matter where they are or how many you have.

Look at using your digital display to help you add high-revenue generating streams such as parties or events.

Use digital menu boards to make sure more specialised audiences are aware of the food range you can offer. For example the growing number following a vegan and gluten-free diet look out for restaurants that can meet their dietary requirements – and a digital display is smart way to serve up your range to these tech-savvy audiences.

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Use Digital Menu Boards To Create a More Memorable Customer Experience

Overall digital display screens offer an enhanced customer experience – something that all businesses are seeking as the High Street meets the challenge from the internet. They represent a genuine investment not just in your business but also in your brand – helping you create a difference from your High Street rivals that will help ensure the long term success of the business.

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