Benefits of Scheduling Software for Digital Posters

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Benefits of Scheduling Software for Digital Posters

Digital posters are increasingly being used by business to create high impact displays – and scheduling software helps increase the impact even further.

With their height and design, it is not surprising that digital posters are being used to help create the type of engaging and dynamic content that is needed to get customers back on to the High Street – and to help make sure they keep coming back.

But the digital poster is only a means to an end – it is the content it displays that will have a real impact. Fortunately the most up-to-date digital posters include many features to help you upload great content such as Plug N Play and integrated Android media players for playing high quality, brand-supporting images and video.

Scheduling Software for Digital Posters

In addition, many digital posters and digital advertising screens come with a scheduling software package that allows the user to decide what content is shown – and when.

For the user this offers many advantages

  • Efficient use of time. Creating the scheduling outside of normal office or shop hours means staff are fully focused on the customers 
  • Right Offer. Right Time. The most obvious example of this is the restaurant that displays breakfast, lunch and dinner menus at those times. But there are many similar opportunities for the savvy shop or salon owner to display content aimed at specific sectors at the most advantageous time of day (or evening, or night) special offers or promotions for commuters, ‘ladies who lunch’, after-school etc. 
  • Respond to the Opportunities. Scheduling allows you to respond at the right time to promotions and prices from your completion, matching or beating their offers and prices, promotions and product ranges. You can leverage events, news, social media trends etc to schedule content that is current, vital and engaging.
  • Accessibility. The software enables scheduling to be done remotely so even if a marketing opportunity arises while you off-site you can still make the most of the opportunity. Or if other projects, work or even holiday take you away from site, you can still schedule content to keep your marketing up-to-date.

With a high quality feature-packed digital poster, high quality content, imagination – and scheduling software your digital advertising can make a huge impact on your business.

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