Spicerhaart choose Claralight™

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Spicerhaart choose Claralight™

Spicerhaart has made Claralight™ the display range of choice when it comes to property display upgrades across their network.

A rolling programme of upgrades has already seen the range, launched in the UK in March this year, installed in branches in Brixton, Romford and Brynmawr – with more upgrades in the planning stage.

Claralight™ is our ‘NextGen’ LED display range, launched after years of development. Created to offer the most sustainable and most stylish choice for customers, the range is packed with patented design features that make it simple to use.

Spicerhaart is one of the UK’s best known property brands with a nationwide network of sales & letting agents operating under Agency names such as haart estate agents, Felicity J Lord and Darlows. They have partnered with Mid West Displays for several years.

The first rollout across Spicerhaart branches

Claralight™ has already been installed in two Spicerhaart branches, with a third already planned for September.

Felicity J Lord’s Brixton branch now features 9 A3 lightpockets, and Darlow’s Brynmawr branch window display is powered by 14 A3 lightpockets again with branded frames.

haart’s Romford branch will see 32 Claralight™ A3 LED lightpockets installed. The pockets came with branded frames printed in white and featuring the Haart logo.

Claralight LED lightpockets at Darlow's Brynmawr branch

Supporting Spicerhaart’s sustainability journey

In 2021 Spicerhaart started a sustainability journey by committing to measure, report and reduce their carbon footprint with the help of Tree-Nation. They set themselves “an ambitious target to not only offset the carbon produced, but to become carbon positive within five years” so it no surprise that the sustainable credentials of Claralight™ is important to them.

Claralight™ LED lightpockets are made from over 60% recycled material (by nett weight). The frames are lighter and smaller so need less raw material. A switch to 24v LEDs has seen a 40% reduction in the amount of energy needed to power the lightpocket. And – like Spicerhaart – we are also planting trees to offset our carbon footprint, in a partnership with The Future Forest Company. We even use recycled board for our packaging.

And of course, the complete range is made by us here in the UK.

Facilities Manager Christian Clayden said, “Sustainability is important to us, it is important to our customers so it was good to see a range that came with so many sustainability credentials.”

Supporting Spicerhaart’s brand

The contemporary tablet-styling of the Claralight™ lightpockets ensures they make a real impact in branch windows. The innovative integrated clips mean the lightpockets can be re/mounted on cable in around 30 seconds – making it easy for the branch team to refresh the window display for maximum impact!

We can also print the frames in corporate colours and to include brand logos and messaging so the window display further supports the look and feel of the Agency brand.  

Christian added “With its sustainable credentials, brand supporting design and ease of use, we aim to make Claralight™ our first choice for future display upgrades and new branch opening across the network. The Mid West Display team know their stuff and we hope the partnership continues to flourish.”

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