Digital OOH transforming brand storytelling.

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Digital OOH transforming brand storytelling.

“In our multi-channel world, the possibilities for human stories are endless but to maximize the opportunity, a brand needs to tell the right story and land it on the right platform at the right time.” KPMG

Public spaces are shaped by the communities and stories that inhabit them, and brands are increasingly driving awareness and loyalty by engaging consumers with riveting narratives. A set of tech-enabled, commercial-grade outdoor displays becomes a blank canvas for digital storytelling that seamlessly moves with the consumer from online media consumption out into the world where people dynamically live, work, and play.

Storytelling is not merely about brand building; it’s effective from a sales standpoint as well. Research has found 55% of people who really love a brand story will buy the advertised product in the future, 44% will share the experience with others, and 15% will buy the product immediately.

Visual stories are more eye-catching than static ads, more memorable than plain facts, clearer than strategic messaging, and more emotionally resonant than a slogan.

The latest innovations in technology have brought compelling stories to busy public spaces where people are waiting and congregating. 

Outdoor digital posters are a smart way to bring your brand story telling to public spaces. From a practical point of view robust enclosures and no external controls make them safe and secure even in the busiest locations. More importantly they have been designed to allow you to deliver engaging brand story telling through a range of options - from Plug N Play to optional network upgrade that allows content to be uploaded easily & remotely. Software adds even more options - from scheduling content for maximum marketing impact to use management that lets the whole team share in the story telling.

Digital OOH advertising is a powerful way to expand reach and target key audiences on-the-go. It is transforming urban spaces and our psyche - we are now almost expecting to see brand story telling as we travel across cities and towns. For all organisations this offers many exciting opportunities. 


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