Three Reasons to Switch to Digital Menu Boards

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Three Reasons to Switch to Digital Menu Boards

Food-to-Go restaurants, QSRs and takeways are increasingly using digital message boards to attract and retain customers With digital becoming the norm, restaurants with static menus boards run the risk of becoming irrelevant.

Quick service brands cleverly use content delivered on digital menu boards to target younger customers – linking instore marketing with digital and social media marketing and branding. and because technology and social media are part of their everyday life, digital has become expected by customers. 

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Here’s 3 great reasons to switch to digital menu boards

  1. Quick Updates. Regular Updates

One of the main advantages of digital menu boards is how quickly they can be updated. This is pivotal when it comes to Limited Time Offers (LTO), as digital messaging can be changed to reflect when an item is on special, or sold out.

“Restaurants implementing integrated technology solutions gain the ability to spotlight preferred strategies, such as highlighting and driving LTOs, combo meals sales, or add-on sales. Benefits also include more accurate alignment of menus to the inventory, resulting in improved consistency in messaging.”

  1. Upselling made easy

Not only do digital solutions unify brand messaging at the click of a button, they also unlock the ability to employ targeted advertising, too. This is especially true as other technologies advance, allowing synchronization between digital platforms.

As mobile ordering becomes more of a standard, it opens up opportunities for push advertisements and promotions that drive customer traffic, and the potential for storewide or even chain-wide updates to digital content for consistency in messaging and pricing.

Messaging can also be cycled, to present more engaging and varied information to patrons. This creates more chances to upsell to customers prior to and during their order.

  1. Reduce Costs

Digital menu boards are a genuine investment that save brands money in the long run. After the initial investment – which can be as low as £474.05 – running costs are low. Network subscriptions offer access to marketing content and templates as well as enabling improved synchronisation and integration with social media etc

The time and cost benefits of less printing and shipping of static menus soon becomes clear. Low-cost branding opportunities presented by digital transformation are also important in helping QSRs build brand differential in crowded High Streets.

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