Digital Display Screens Boost Customer Experience

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Digital Display Screens Boost Customer Experience

In the battle to save the High Street digital display screens are an essential tools. 

A recent installation of 65 digital display screens in one of the world’s flagship stores is a brilliant example of how digital tech can enhance the customer experience.

Edgars, one of South Africa’s leading retailers of clothing, textiles, cosmetics, accessories and cellular products, has launched its new ‘open experience’ retail concept.

Edgars relaunched its brand in 2018 and is committed to providing customers with an experiential shopping environment. “Internationally, retailers are purposefully rewiring themselves in the ever-evolving retail landscape to enable the experience economy,” a spokesperson for the retailer said.

The concept of creating entertainment through shopping and socialising is enhanced and supported by digital signage installation that includes point-of-sale signage, pillar screens, touch screen kiosks, convergence area screens, in-store music and large-impact staggered video walls that accompany the customer on their journey through the store.

The new 8,000 sq m Edgars Fourways Mall store, has been upgraded with over 65 screens in various sections of the store including at point of sale. The point of sale screen content is synchronised to the nanosecond to create a seamless flow over a staggered six-screen video wall solution.

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Digital Display Screens Build An Immersive Customer Experience

Although the number of screens may differ, the principle for all retailers is the same: use digital screens to enhance the customer experience.

Across the store and even in window and exterior displays there are a number of digital display options that can help retailers of all shapes and sizes to create effective digital displays. Networked screens offer the opportunity to synchronise content throughout the customer journey, delivering key marketing messages in the right place and the right time in the buying cycle.

Digital advertising screens for example are available in a range of sizes from 32” to a massive 84” so finding a screen for any space is rarely an issue. Designed for 24/7 sue but with power saving features these screens will deliver high image quality in true colour. Built-in speakers also allow you add audio for an even more immersive customer experience.

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