Tips for High Impact Salon Window Display

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Tips for High Impact Salon Window Display

Your salon window display is the best place to build your business.

Standing out from the competition, attracting the attention of passing footflow and creating a brand that will secure the future of your business – these can all be achieved with high impact salon window display.

Follow our top tips for a high impact salon window display

large led lightpocket for salon window display

Go Large

One or two large window posters make a much greater impact than lots of smaller posters. A large poster is more likely to be noticed but it means that – with only a few window posters – the strength of the messaging must be spot on. Choose a key service or message that you want to communicate with your customers, and present this in a visually compelling way. Work with suppliers and / or your local printer to create some great looking posters & print. A large backlit LED lightpocket is smart looking and keeps on illuminating your brand 24/7.

Be Consistent

Across your salon window display choose a consistent theme or concept. This may (in fact should) change across the year as you update the window display, but make sure there is a common idea across the window display – whether that means a colour, a typeface, a Brand or a look.

Update Regularly

Nothing lasts forever – not even your brilliant salon window display. In a fast moving world, you might be disappointed at how quickly your display simply gets ignored. So it is important to be always updating your displays. There are seasonal themes you can include but even without these you need to be developing new ideas all year round.

Go Digital

A digital advertising screen will help you deliver lots of marketing messages and engage your customers with dynamic content. Digital screens are easier to update than traditional window displays – and reduce the need for much print and POS. More importantly digital screens will help target services, products and offers to specific audiences. For example you can use scheduling software to create different offers throughout the day.


Try adding a digital a-board for even greater High Street impact

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