More Salon Window Display Ideas

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More Salon Window Display Ideas

As anyone running a salon knows looks are important. Your salon window display has one chance to impress. Follow our salon window display ideas and turn heads – and turn passers-by into customers.

Salon Window Display Ideas 1. Be Bold

salon window display ideas

Make a BIG statement in your window. You can use large backlit LED lightpockets as the perfect frame for some brilliant branding. Although you might want to say lots of things in your window about your salon, its services and products too much information is a turn-off. Use one central feature image or piece of branding for each window.

Backlit LED lightpockets are readily available in sizes up to A0. They are easy to install. Mounted on to cable or rod they are held firmly in place. The low-energy LED lighting offers a bright but subtle glow to all your posters, photos and images – and will be lighting up your window display 24/7.

LED lighting is low cost, low energy and maintenance free with a life expectancy of up to 60,000hrs. These panels are a real investment in your salon marketing activities.

Salon Window Display Ideas 2. Display Product

Displaying your top rated product is a good way to encourage custom – but displaying them in a stylish way will not only help you sell more product but support your brand too. LED illuminated display cubes look great and are easy to install in any window. They provide a useful but smart display space that works in the window & inside the salon itself.

Again the cubes are cable mounted and you can add or take away from the amount of cubes depending on your display requirements. Again, the bright but subtle LED glow makes them ideal for style conscious salon owners – and they go on promoting product all night long.

Salon Window Display Ideas 3. Go digital

Digital screens add a whole new dimension to any display. They allow lots of information about your services to be seen by customers and they ensure promotions, special offers, events and other activities get noticed. For salons a digital screen is a ‘must-have’ display essential.

Fortunately digital screens now cost less, look better and are easier to use. With integrated media players, Plug N Play, access to templates and software it has never been easier to create the dynamic and engaging content that will drive your salon brand to the next level. The investment will show a return in a short period of time.

Choose a high brightness or ultra high brightness screen for use in the window as these are designed to work even in bright direct sunlight.

3 great, usable salon window display ideas that will help your salon achieve even greater success.

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