Bespoke POS Display Services From Wrights Plastics

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Bespoke POS Display Services From Wrights Plastics

Our retail display brand Wrights Plastics offer an extensive range of bespoke POS display.

They work with a range of UK retailers and brands, delivering high impact POS / POP that has helped them build brand as well as add sales.  With a complete inhouse service they handle everything from design to distribution.

The inhouse design team can develop an idea or concept into a workable design, and the expert CAD team create files for maximum efficiency. Wrights Plastics material credibility ensures they choose the right material for any project; although specialists in acrylic fabrication, they can incorporate any other material into the designs.

As a leading UK point of sale display manufacturer they have unbeatable range of inhouse processes. Investing in the latest kit ensures we can deliver projects efficiently and cost effectively. Keeping everything inhouse helps reduce turnaround time, lower costs and reduce stress! With skilled teams across POS display manufacturing processes such as vacuum forming, cnc routing, laser profiling and line bending we are the perfect partners.

They have also invest in the latest high quality large format printers to ensure we can print to an exceptional standard across a range of substrates.

The service doesn’t have to end when the display is completed. They can collate products into the finished display, warehouse and then, when ready to roll-out, take care of distribution across UK and Europe.

Why Choose UK Point of Sale Display Manufacturers Wrights Plastics for your project?

  • They deliver high impact POS /POP for leading brands and retailers
  • Over 50 years manufacturing experience
  • Complete inhouse service available
  • Experienced design & CAD teams will turn your concept into an achievable display
  • Sustainable processes
  • Latest tech and experienced teams in leading manufacturing processes lowers costs and cuts manufacturing time
  • Warehousing, collation and distribution services included

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