Your customers love digital display - so should you!

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Your customers love digital display - so should you!

Recent research suggests digital display is increasingly important as part of customers’ instore experience.

While online sales are increasing, customers still enjoy the instore experience where the ability to properly test products and get expert help and advice face-to-face. The effective use of digital display help shoppers combine the best of instore and online worlds.

A global retail survey published by the Anglo-American consultancy Technavio in December 2016 predicted a 15% growth in POS linked sales between 2017 and 2021

While online sales continue to grow year on year, accounting for 17% of all retail spend in December 2017, online sales from stores with a physical presence contributed the most to growth. It pays to offer both online presence for convenience and bricks and mortar stores for inspiration, advice and support. The importance of physical stores means there is all the more reason to invest in informative Point of Sale displays and attention grabbing freestanding display units.

Survey results revealed 65% of customers want to see more touchscreen technology used by retailers.

Use digital display to increase sales, customer engagement

Actioning the results of the survey is not difficult. There are a number of digital advertising screen options that will help retailers harness customers’ interest in instore digital technology.

An entry-level option is PCAP Multi Touch Screens. Offered in 10” and 15” options these can be used across the store – on display shelves, on stands or at payment points.

POS Android PCAP Multi Touch Screen brings a new level of interactivity to your store. Let customers explore & order your products and services on screen. Customers can sign up to events, future marketing or loyalty programmes. Clients can view marketing, product or aftercare content such as videos in exactly the right place in the buying cycle. Visitors can interact with your apps or games. Delegates can book events. Members can book appointments, courses and events. Link to payment portals or POS to make paying almost pleasurable.

The latest 10 Point Touch technology offers a fully interactive experience - it even allows multiple users at any one time. PCAP technology offers the most responsive multi touch screen experience available.

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