LED Window Displays Designed to Light Up Sales

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LED Window Displays Designed to Light Up Sales

LED window displays are powering high impact displays across the High Street.

The bright but subtle light of the LED lightpocket attracts the attention of passing foot flow. Darkness falls and the LED display continues to draw customers to your office or store. The pockets are designed to be easily updated and, used with premium backlit paper, the images, photos and pictures used light up for even greater impact.

LED lighting offers a low-energy lighting solution. With a life expectancy of up to 60,000hrs they are virtually maintenance free. Using the very latest in LED technology means even less energy consumption – great news for the user and for the planet.

LED window displays

More about LED Window Displays

LED window displays are an easy-fit display solution. Rod or cable mounted they can be fitted in almost any location and are perfect for full height windows. You can configure the number of panels to suit your products and services. 

Replacement cable display components are easy to buy and low cost so it is easy to repair or upgrade your display.

Large A0, A1 and A2 LED lightpockets make a large statement while smaller A3 and A4 pockets can be used to fill a window with important product or service information. They can be reconfigured to suit changing needs.

Our Made in GB  LED window display products are the UK’s leading brand. We manufacture to the highest standards. All components are durable and easy to maintain. They are designed to look smart in any location, and we use our extensive experience to use the right amount of LED delivering a subtle, attractive but not overpowering amount of light.

With the UK’s widest selection of frames you can configure your display exactly as required. Our mixed A3/A4 LED panels offer the chance to create the perfect window display. As a leading manufacture we can also make bespoke displays to your specification.

LED window displays

The LED window displays are perfect for

  • Showrooms and sales centres
  • Estate agency branches
  • Food-to-go and takeaway restaurants
  • Entrance lobbies and reception areas
  • Hair and beauty salons

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