What are LED light pockets?

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What are LED light pockets?

LED light pockets are a panel fitted with flexible LED strips that incorporates a pocket in which print can be placed. They are most often used in commercial display such as estate agents displays. The panel is most often made from acrylic and frames are often cable mounted together to form floor to ceiling displays.

LED light pockets are popular because they allow users to create an illuminated display that attracts the attention of potential customers. For shops, fast food restaurant, gyms etc the window facing LED light pockets create a display that can be seen 24/7 if required.

Electricity is required to power the LED. Most pockets come with cables and transformers that allow them to be plugged into the nearest power supply.

Are LED light pockets sustainable?

LED offers low-energy option when compared to other light sources such as fluorescent lighting. But not all LED light pockets are equal. At Mid West Display we have extensive experience of manufacturing LED products and we use the correct amount of LED to create a bright but subtle light that attracts customers. Too much LED = too intense light and wasted energy. Too little LED = less energy but an underwhelming customer experience.

In addition we use the latest high quality low-energy LED with a life expectancy of up to 70000hrs.

We also use a high quality acrylic to ensure the complete product has a long product lifecycle – that is good news for the environment. The acrylic we use can be fully recycled & the resultant material used to make lots of useful products.

Do LED light pockets use a lot of energy?

what are LED light pockets

LED uses much less energy than many other light-emitting products. They are also virtually maintenance-free which again reduces their environmental impact.

Who uses LED light pockets?

The light pockets can be found in interiors and windows of estate agents, salons, fast food venues, showrooms, recruitment agents and travel agents – although this is not an exhaustive list.

Is special printing required?

Yes and no. It is possible to use photos, posters, signs and images printed on standard paper in the pockets. However printing on backlit paper adds extra vibrancy to the print and help make them stand out even more. But special printing is not required – backlit paper can be used in virtually every standard home or office printer.

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