A4 Premium Backlit Paper Down In Price

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A4 Premium Backlit Paper Down In Price

We're celebrating the arrival of 2021 by reducing the price of one of our best selling products!

Our A4 Premium Backlit Paper is now down in price.

A pack of 50 A4 sheets is now only £35. 

The price was previously £38.50. For bulk buyers, we have also continued to offer our discounts for larger orders. 

The only thing that has changed is the price, The quality of the paper is unchanged  and will still deliver brilliantly bright results, helping you make the most of your backlit LED displays.

No excuses not to use Backlit Paper in your display

Our Premium Backlit Paper is specifically designed for use with LED lightpockets, LED backlit poster frames backlit displays and backlit signs, lightboxes and many other illuminated displays.

Backlit paper is 50% off the effect of any backlit display. Not using backlit paper compromises the value of your display; using the paper enables images, photos, branding and other print look sharper, clear and brighter.

Using back lit paper offers the possibility of showing images under the best light thanks to its effect on three main aspects of colour: tone, luminosity, and saturation.

The UK's back lit paper specialist

As the UK's leading manufacturer of LED lightpockets and light boxes it is no surprise we've become experts in backlit paper. Our team are here to help you make the most of your purchase with advice on how to use your desktop or inkject printers to deliver high quality bright prints that make the most of your photos and images. You can contact us via Online Chat, telephone or email sales@midwestdisplays.co.uk 

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