What are salon retail displays?

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What are salon retail displays?

Salon retail displays are products designed to help you sell more products and services in a hair or beauty salon.

Promoting services and product sales is key to profitability. It will help you make the most of the number of customers to the salon. It will leverage your brand and reputation into extra revenue.

The displays will usually be seen in salon windows and interiors.

Salon Window Displays

Your window is your 24/7 advert for your brand so you need to ensure it works effectively to promote your business. It is important to make the most of your valuable window space but also not to overcrowd it so that passers-by cannot see the wood from the trees. With a smart interior and busy salon the ability to see into the salon is a smart idea. But that will still leave plenty of window space for displays. Choose a mixture of product display, print and even digital display. Use off-the-shelf window display options or even a bespoke salon display stand, which can be branded with your salon name and logo; this is likely to be a more expensive option but should provide a good investment as it will create a memorable experience for passing potential customers.

Digital display screens are increasingly important to the salon sector. It can deliver lots of different product and service messaging in an engaging manner. The screens can be updated easily (and even remotely) to maximise promotions, seasonal marketing etc. With costs falling and functionality increasing, they provide a smart investment idea.

Interior Salon Retail Displays

Digital and POS display will also play a part inside the salon. Strategically placed POS / Point of Purchase will increase upsells of products and add-on services. Backlit LED poster frames create interest in any print such as price lists, product branding and photos. They are easy to install and offer low maintenance options that can last up to 50000hrs.

Make sure all displays reflect the brand you are developing – modern, fun, upmarket etc. This will be reflected in the quality and quantity of the displays, as well as their layout and design.

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