How Digital Display Screens Will Help Build Customer Confidence & Increase Profitability

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How Digital Display Screens Will Help Build Customer Confidence & Increase Profitability

With reports of a 200% increase in shopper footfall in England, digital screens will deliver engaging and dynamic messages that will give your customers, visitors or membership confidence to return to your shop, gym, salon or other location- and that these same screens can then be used to help maximise sales.

We have many years' experience supplying commercial grade digital display screens to sectors such as retail, hospitality and leisure so we are well placed to point out the post-lockdown benefits of digital technology. We have seen a rise in demand since lockdown as businesses adapt to changing customer behaviour and take account of existing restrictions such as social distancing.

The massive increase increase in footfall may have taken some businesses by surprise. They will need to develop ways to boost confidence, reduce 2P2 interaction and create more contactless actions, as well as create effective promotions to maximise revenue.

Digital screens will deliver on all these goals. And they have never been easier to install, easier to set up & update, or cheaper to buy

Digital screens will deliver important safety, protection and instore messaging in an engaging way - visitors will take notice and follow these rules. The messages can be updated easily and remotely creating dynamic messages that grab visitors attention. And these very screens can be used to promote goods and services to help maximise customer spend at a time when numbers will be restricted due to ongoing social distancing rules.

To maximise revenue, reduced dwell time is essential. Digital advertising screens will help promote and inform about your goods and services - helping you 'seal the deal' while reducing the need for 1on1 contact.

Smart multi touch screens will also help reduce P2P interaction. Customers can use the screens to:

  • browse products
  • order goods
  • pay for goods and service
  • book appointments or book in for events, accommodation etc
  • sign up for events, loyalty programmes 
  • confirm collection of goods ordered online (Click and Collect) etc

Reducing P2P interactions and increasing the amount of contactless actions not only increases customer confidence but frees up staff for other duties.

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