How To Install Sign Standoffs

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How To Install Sign Standoffs
  1. Mark on the wall where you want your panel holes to be positioned using a pencil
  2. Drill holes where you have marked the wall
  3. Insert a raw plug into the hole in the wall
  4. Unscrew the sign support
  5. Fit the barrel of the sign support to the wall by screwing the fixing screw through the hole in the sign support into the raw plug in the wall using a screw driver
  6. Fit the panel to the barrel of the sign support
  7. Pass the threaded cap through the panel and screw into the barrel
  8. Tighten cap using the allen key

How to Install Sign Standoffs continued

Sign standoffs are a smart and practical way to mount signs, display panels and other rigid media. With a much smarter finish than other mounting methods such as drilling straight through the panel or using adhesive to hold the panel in place) they offer a secure mounting option.

Sign standoffs are inexpensive. There is a huge range designed to mount panels and rigid print in most common sizes and thickness. Choose from a range of finishes to suit the panel design and the interior design scheme.

Our ‘How To Install Sign Standoffs’ guide below provides a clear step-by-step guide on how to install a sign standoff. It is easy and takes a few minutes. You don’t require specialist skills or equipment. You don’t need specialist installers. It is easy to create a smart display in stores, leisure venues, reception areas and waiting rooms, hospitality and restaurant venues. Inside and even externally sign standoffs are the ideal mounting solution.

 how to install sign standoffs

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