Sneeze Screens and Sneeze Guards added to range

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Sneeze Screens and Sneeze Guards added to range

We have added a range of high quality sneeze screens and sneeze guards to our product range.

The screens are made in the UK by us and offer effective protection for staff, customers and visitors. They are designed for commercial use and can be used in shops, offices, schools and universities, warehouses and factories, libraries and many other locations. 

With many organisations preparing for post-lockdown and a likely increase in customer or visitor numbers as we approach Xmas, demand for quality sneeze screens are growing and we have added a range to meet customer demands.

They are designed to suit all types of organisations - and budgets.

What is a Sneeze Screen?

A protective sneeze screen is an acrylic, PETG, polycarbonate or styrene screen designed as a barrier to protect against bacteria and germs exposed from coughs, sneezes, and other fluid expectoration.

Why Have We Added Sneeze Screens to our range now?

Hygiene screens have been widely available since the first lockdown in March 2020. However many customers report that they are already having to replace the screens they initially purchased. Inferior quality screens offer poor protection and a poor investment. Here more than ever quality counts - and our range offers UK-made quality, The screens are sturdy, durable and easy to clean and maintain. They not only protect teams and visitors, they will increase confidence in the Covid-security of your location.

With our long experience in effective display solutions in many sectors, customers trust our expertise to provide effective and cost-effective Covid19 protection solutions.

Our collection includes an entry-level budget sneeze screen, freestanding screens in two sizes, sneeze screens with cut-outs, counter screen guards, desk divider screens and a specialist screen for nail technicians in nail bars & salons.

sneeze screen range

5 reasons why organisations' still need sneeze screens

If you are running any type of business or organisation  it’s likely you are have already invested in workplace sneeze screens.  No matter what line of business you’re in - whether you’re running a bank, cafe, shop or supermarket -  sneeze screens are an essential piece of protective equipment to install in your workplace. 

1. Protect staff and customers
The health and safety of employees and customers is always a priority. Post-lockdown every effort still needs to be made to help reduce the spread of germs and bacteria to make people feel safe. Workplace safety screens provide a physical barrier between employees and customers to help protect from airborne viruses and diseases.

2. Protect your community
As a business owner you are an important part of the community. Effective protection measures in your organisation will help protect communities too.

3. Protect your business 
Customers need to feel confident before they will begin to return to any business, office or other location. Screens are one way of helping create that confidence. As confidence grows more people will engage with your business and that will help protect the business - and hopefully help you grow as we move out of lockdown and start to rebuild our economy.

4. Future-proof your business
Vaccine or no vaccine, it is likely that staff, customers & visitors will expect to see protective measures kept in place for their protection in the 'new normal' - ensuring you have sufficient screens in place will help future-proof your organisation.

5. Now is the best time to buy a sneeze screen
As a result of such high demand there has never been a better time to buy a Sneeze screen than now. With so many companies manufacturing protective screens prices are extremely competitive. Unfortunately many have purchased inferior screens that already require replacement. At Mid West Displays we manufacture our screens here in the UK - these high quality screens are stable, sturdy and durable 

Over 50,000 hygiene screens made & sold

As part of the Wrights Plastics Group the products in our range have already proved to be the #1 choice for many organisations. In fact we have made & sold over 50000 screens worldwide so when you choose your hygiene screens choose UK-made solutions from the UK's leading brand.



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