What is cable display?

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What is cable display?

Cable display uses steel cables to suspend acrylic poster frames, dispensers or shelving. They've become the industry standard display option for estate agents, travel agents, recruitment agents. You’ll also find them displaying posters and information in sports and leisure centres, schools and colleges, showroom, salons and sales centres.

Cable display systems use clamps to suspend the poster pockets etc. vertically on steel cables. The bottom and top of the cable are fixed to a wall, floor or ceiling. The cables are tightened and the pockets are attached using stand-offs that screw tight onto the cable.

Cable display can be mounted from floor to ceiling, ceiling to wall, wall to floor or simply wall mounted so they can be used to turn all available space into value display and promotional space.

what is cable display

Why buy cable display from Mid West Displays?

There are loads of reasons why we are the first choice for cable mounted displays.

Perhaps the first reason is our expertise. We’ve been helping customers make the most of cable display options for over a decade. Our team will help you choose the right product first time, every time. You can let us have details of the available space, and what you need to display and we can provide ideas, mock-ups and costings. Whether you need to ‘wow’ in your window or create a high impact inside, we can help.

We also have one of the UK’s largest ranges. From complete all-in-one cable kits to display pockets, from replacement cables and clamps to specialist cable mounted POS you’ll find it all in store. As one of the UK’s largest suppliers we carry large stock levels so most items can be dispatched for Next Day Delivery.

And with huge buying we can buy at low prices and pass the savings on to our customers.

In fact we make most of the display pockets, shelving and POS ourselves at our UK factories. Good for UK jobs and manufacturing, but also great for our customers who can buy the best quality products at genuine ‘direct from manufacturer’ prices.

You can see our complete range here

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